While all of the companies that formed UCM were major players in the asphalt paving industry, they all brought unique characteristics and abilities to the company.

R.A. Cullinan & Son, located in the Peoria area, has been a respected industry leader in asphalt paving, aggregate production, underground work and subdivision construction. Since its inception in 1913 R.A. Cullinan has been a leader in its markets in Central Illinois. It has a wide, loyal customer base throughout Central Illinois, attracting new customers with their rock-solid reputation for quality work. R.A. Cullinan is a third-generation family business, locally owned and operated for over 100 years.

Rowe Construction, has been operating in the Bloomington markets since 1964. They have been involved in many large paving and construction projects, including major upgrades and rehabilitation projects on I-55 and I-74, plus the four-lane improvements of Rt. 150 around the Diamondstar plant. Rowe was also the contractor for the major upgrade of Veterans Road. They specialize in asphalt paving, concrete paving, aggregates and a complete site package for developers.

Illinois Valley Paving was founded in 1963 in Bluffs, Illinois specifically for asphalt construction. Over the years, IVP earned a reputation for excellent work as they continued their market expansion throughout Illinois. Through their attention to quality, IVP became one of the most highly regarded and largest asphalt and concrete pavers in Illinois. IVP has done extensive concrete paving throughout Illinois and Missouri over the years and has had large concrete paving operations in Tennessee and Arkansas. I-39 in Illinois is a project with extensive miles of concrete pavement placed by IVP.

Freesen was also founded in Bluffs, Illinois. The company began its journey with just a single bulldozer in 1946. Since then, they expanded into one of the largest earthmoving fleets in the Midwest. Freesen has performed virtually every form of heavy and highway construction over its history. They currently focus on bridge and structure construction, sheet piling, mass earth and rock excavation, and general earthwork.

Gunther Construction has been in the highway construction business since before there were highways. The company's history starts in Galesburg in the early 1900s, when the company helped to build some of the town's original brick streets. Today, Gunther continues to focus on heavy construction, including bridges, highways, asphalt paving, and site work.

As a combined force, these companies create an organization offering comprehensive capabilities. Under UCM, they have carried forth their outstanding reputations earning recognition for everything from safety to environmental accountability. With a market access inherent in our long history of heavy and highway construction, the most experienced management, manpower, and an extensive equipment fleet, UCM is a leader in the industry.