Rt. 29 Expressway

Location: Rt. 29, Illinois
Owner: IDOT
Contract Amount:N/A

The most important thing to United Contractors Midwest is the safety of our roads. This project consists of the construction of approximately 7.25 miles of a new four-lane rural expressway along Illinois Route 29 from south of Berry to south of Edinburg. Construction of a bypass around the Village of Edinburg is also included in these plans. This Project includes 779,338 YD3 excavation, 258,377 YD2 HMA full depth pavement, 19,044 tons of aggregate shoulders, 17,067 YD2 HMA shoulders, 640 YD3 concrete box culverts, 1,668 ft precast concrete box culverts, 8,911 feet pipe culverts, 39,230 feet of storm sewers. Just another example of how diversified United Contractors Midwest can be.