Roto-Milling and Grooving/Grinding

The UCM milling group has established itself as a versatile competitor in the cold milling market throughout Illinois. Our experienced, knowledgeable crews have access to three full-lane
machines, three half-lane machines and one small utility mill, which is capable of cutting rumble strips. This gives us a high degree of flexibility and efficiency in our milling projects. As a leader in eco-friendly industry developments, we pride ourselves in recycling existing pavement to produce new asphalt, aggregate shoulders and sub-bases for future projects.

UCM has provided grooving and grinding operations throughout the Midwest. We have the ability to embark on a wide variety of grooving and grinding projects, including transversely cut rumble strips and longitudinally textured sidewalks for pedestrian safety. We have worked on rumble strips for all types of traffic and also performed diamond grinding on bridges and pavement.